Summer in Mystic

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For my second summer assignment as a seminarian, I had the good fortune to be stationed at St. Patrick Parish, Mystic, CT.  For two months, I have been assisting at the parish, meeting the parishioners, and in general, getting a feel for parish life.  Everyone has been so kind and helpful, and I am not sure that I could be more blessed (not only do I get to spend the school year at an amazing seminary learning about our Lord, but then I get to spend my summer is Mystic!).  Fr. Kevin Reilly, the pastor of St. Patrick, has also been very hospitable and welcoming; it is great for me to be able to witness "up-close-and-personal" a man of God, deeply rooted in prayer, leading the faithful (plus, he's a Mount grad too!).  I  have been very fortunate this summer, and I hope that my summer experience will propel me back into the school year with a renewed zeal.

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